2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 52

This is a sweet, sweet moment.  A lovely, much wanted good-bye to a year-long project, the 365 Photography Project.

For those who’ve been following my project, you know how often I’ve gone back-and-forth about this project.

“I hope to see…healing.”

“I really, really think this week turned out to be a fun collection of images.”

“I’m on the fence regarding this week.”

“[The Holga] taught me, no matter what equipment I use, I can still produce a magnificent shot.”

“My relationship with my photography is a love-hate relationship!”

“What the fuck did I try to do to myself?!”

But, I did it!  I didn’t do it perfectly, and I am absolutely, positively okay with that.  For sure.

Day 357 THEME:  COLOR – Prep for a homemade apple cider for the Christmas festivities!

Day 356 2GADO Project 365

Last year was a busy year of volunteering, school activities and personal photography projects.  The 365 became a chore, more often, than a desire.  It got monotonous, tiresome, boring, disappointing.  However, there were valuable moments and scenes I was able to capture and put to use (other than placing them on my hard-drive to hide in the recesses of thousands of other images):  the mourning of my wild, handsome Gato, petting a sad and lonely owl, the cherry blossoms at the Kintai bridge, Rudy playing “tea” with Kalina, light experimentation with fellow photogs, watching a proud Japanese husband walk his gushing bride through a crowd of tourists in wonder and curiosity, the homeless, the wishful, and the growth of myself and my daughter, Kalina.

Day 357 – Kalina’s first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth haircuts!

Day 357 2GADO Project 365

Through the commitment of a daily picture (mostly everyday), I was able to commit to myself and be proud of who I am, whether I like what comes out of my camera or not.

Day 359 THEME: FAVE PIC OF THE DAY – Christmas Eve dinner at a cosy restaurant called Kinnan.  The steak is so good! 

Day 359 2GADO Project 365

Day 360 THEME: FAVE PIC OF THE DAY – Taken by the hubs, but a wonderful capture.

Day 360 2GADO Project 365

Day 360 THEME: FAVE PIC OF THE DAY – Another wonderful Christmas gathering.  Our family away from family.

Day 360 2GADO Project 365

I was in counseling a good portion of 2015 and 2016.  Through the techniques and advice I was given, I was able to understand who I am and mostly, who I want to be.  One session, I had an epiphany, I really do, deeply and completely love myself.  I do have moments where I wish I had more or something different, then I check my female calendar and realize those thoughts will pass in two days!  So, on those days where I truly disliked my images, I just let those days come with full acceptance as part of my life.

Day 361 THEME: BEFORE NOON – As it turns out, I really, really enjoy assembling nanoblocks!  Haha.  I actually was excited when Kalina would destroy them. “Yes!  I get to put it together again.”

Day 361 2GADO Project 365

Along with the 365 Project, I was able to satisfy my 2016 New Year’s Resolution, Twelve Books in Twelve Months.  Now, I didn’t specify how I could complete those books; therefore, audiobooks were included, which brought me to a total of 15 books in 2016!  That is 15 more than I’ve read in the last three years.

Day 362 THEME: BLACK AND WHITE – My favorite book of the year?  Probably “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.  The book I don’t remember anything about? “The Almost Moon” by Alice Sebold. *haha 00ps*

Day 362 2GADO Project 365

What a great book to end the year with!  It gives me so much willpower to achieve everything I want for 2017.

Day 364 2GADO Project 365

Will I try again to complete a 365 Photography Project?  Not in the near future, or even distant future.

Day 363 THEME: AFTER 4 PM – On our way back from a day trip to an awesome kidsland called Nikke Pure Heart in Hatsukaichi.

Day 363 2GADO Project 365


Day 364 2GADO Project 365

Day 365 THEME: FOOD AND/OR DRINK – Lunch. Yum.

Day 365 2GADO Project 365

Throughout the latter part of this project, my husband started picking up my camera and capturing some wonderful shots.  The project somewhat morphed into a collaborative project between me and him.  Simultaneously, our relationship morphed as well.  Seven-year-itch come and gone?  Or just breaking through egos?  Whatever it was, it’s gone.

Along with this 365. *giggle*

So, on the evening of New Year’s Eve, I stood in the kitchen, prepping a pie for an after-dinner dessert, and I looked through the pass-through of the kitchen to the dining table where Kalina and Rudy were finishing up.  All year, I looked through my lens at my family.  There were moments when I would put the camera down, sacrificing the 365 to enjoy the beauty of family, of life, but this time, I stopped what I was doing when I saw the happiness on Kalina’s face.  I quickly grabbed my camera, sacrificing the pie this time, to capture the last beautiful moment of 2016.  All of our efforts as parents, the love, the discipline, the home-cooked meals and cute cakes bought at patisseries, summed up in one, beautiful, contented smile.  Who knows what Daddy said, and who cares.


Day 366 2GADO Project 365


2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 51

Wow!  Can you believe it!  One week to go… One more week.


Day 349 2GADO Project 365

Day 349 THEME: COLOR – Aren’t these supposed to go in your hair?

Day 350 2GADO Project 365

Day 350 THEME: FOOD AND/OR DRINK – Photo bombed!

Day 351 2GADO Project 365

Day 351 THEME: FAVE PIC OF THE DAY – This year, Rudy and Kalina decorated the tree.  I baked. (12 Days of Cookies post to come soon!)

Day 353 2GADO Project 365 2GADO Project 365

Day 353 – Special Banana Nut Bread. It is the tastiest I have ever had.  Topped with an orange glaze, mmm-mmm-good.  Find the recipe here.

Day 354 2GADO Project 365 2GADO Project 365

Day 354 – I love it when accidents produce “enlightenment.”

Day 355 2GADO Project 365

Day 355 –  Concentration is key when creating beautiful things!

2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 50

One more week down, two more to go!  If only I could find some interest in my 365 lately.  A lot of these are just last-minute shots.  Those, “Oh crap!  The 365!  What’s around?  What’s around?”

Day 342 2GADO Project 365Day 343 2GADO Project 365Day 344 2GADO Project 365Day 345 2GADO Project 365Day 346 2GADO Project 365Day 347 2GADO Project 365Day 348 2GADO Project 365Day 348 2GADO Project 365

Yes, there are eight here.  I just couldn’t decide.  I mean, no they’re not all great, but they are what I want to show you.  😉

See you next week!

2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 49

This is not my best work, by far.

  1.  I’m not a food photographer.  Gah!  It’s not easy trying to create an appetizing image.  For realz.
  2.  I’m not great at selfies.
  3.  Like, really?  A block of cheese. *no friggin’ creativity there*

But, here they are.  I’m committed to finishing this damn 365!  Like I’ve said before, more like a 340… But, at least it will be 52 weeks!


Day 336 2GADO Project 365 2GADO Project 365

Day 336 – I think, after this day and Day 338, I’ve learned that shallow depth-of-field is not your friend in food photography.

Day 337 2GADO Project 365 2GADO Project 365

Day 339 – Yes.  It’s a block of cheese.  The rest of the event was not mine to share, so this is what you get.  She wanted me to photograph it, I guess, just so she could squish it on my lens a millisecond later.  Yup!  Big ol’ smear of cheese on my lens.  Thank goodness I have a UV lens filter for just these occasions!

*Where is my “argh” sticker to place here?!*


Day 338 2GADO Project 365

Day 338 – Like I said, shallow depth-of-field here is a no-go.

Day 339 2GADO Project 365

Day 339 – This was the selfie I sent to my friend expressing my deepest regret for attempting to decorate cookies with Christmas trees.


Day 340 2GADO Project 365

Day 340 – I don’t event remember what this was about.


Day 341 2GADO Project 365

Day 341 – At every yochien event, there are at least 20 cameras (not phones) setup to record the epic performance.  This time, I don’t need to put epic in quotations for sarcasm because it was.  Kalina tinged her triangle along with the class without one misstep!  We were so proud.

2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 48

This is a pretty wild collection of images.  Kinda scatter-brained like I felt.


Day 328 2GADO Project 365

Day 328 – Taken by the husband trying to catch the sprinklings of thyme on the turkey.  (He’s been doing pretty good, lately, with my camera.  Maybe he should do his own 365 next year!)

Day 329 2GADO Project 365

Day 329 – Another one by the hubs.  Okay, so my 365 is turning into ‘My and My Hubby’s 365.’ I’m okay with that.

Day 330 2GADO Project 365

Day 330 – I filled in for a photographer who was out-of-town for a kimono shoot by the Kintai Bridge here in Iwakuni.  *sigh*  I enjoyed seeing these two spiffied-up in their authentic kimonos; however, photographing them was a challenge.  It’s just not my strong suit.  I did get some winners, though!

Day 330 2GADO Project 365

Day 331 – Fave Pic of the Day

Day 332 2GADO Project 365

Day 332 – This turd went missing for three days.  If you’ve been following my 365, you’ll know that I love my kitties.  I lost one in January, my handsome Gato, and had to give another one up to a more comfortable home-setting, Ella-Bella.  But my Midnight, he’s special.  This is him longing to go back outside.

Hell no, Cat!  You’re gonna stay with me forever…and ever…and ever…

Day 333 2GADO Project 365

Day 333 – Ehh. A quick, “Oh shit! My 365!” selfie.  At least I love who I am, because this is not a very flattering shot.  Hahaha.  You don’t want to see the others!  Or do you?

Oh my gosh!  FOUR WEEKS TO GO!

Please. Please. Please come fast.

2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 47

I’m so close I can taste the freedom of being 365-Free!  It’s not been THAT difficult, but it does test your levels of devotion and commitment.  I may not be perfect in my devotion, but I’m committed!

This week was full of beautiful moments in Tokyo and Kyoto, that I just couldn’t settle with one picture a day.

I hope you don’t mind.


Day 322 – A visit to Tokyo’s downtown and Ueno Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 323 – Tokyo has an interesting block of shops dedicated to creating realistic food arrangements.  “Are you opening up a restaurant and want to attract customers with delicious plates you don’t have to make every day?  Look no further!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 324 – Favorite Pics from my first afternoon in Kyoto.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 325 – Favorite pics from our second day in Kyoto.  The photo of the gentleman with his camera and Kalina holding a half-bitten french fry were taken by my husband!  He got me a new lens and was comparing it with my 50.  😉  The breast milk “spittoon” ema prayer block?  I…I…don’t know.  Wishing for ample supply for their coming baby, is my guess.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 326 – No caption needed. *love*

Day 326 2GADO Project 365

Day 327 – Thanksgiving Prep!  I make my own vegetable stock for my turkey brine.  Yum.

Day 327 2GADO Project 365

2GADO’s Project 365, Tasha’s Week 46

A trip to Tokyo!  New friends, weddings, shrines and Disneyland.  What more could you ask for?

(A babysitter half-way through, that’s what. Hahaha)


Day 315 2GADO Project 365

Day 315 – Toys have a universal language, too.

Day 317 2GADO Project 365

Day 317 – Something “crab-ish.”

Day 318 2GADO Project 365

Day 318 – My husband captured this one ,because I was too irritated to care about photography.  Although she’s a bugger and won’t listen to “A car could hit you,” she’s still full of life and adventure!


Day 319 2GADO Project 365

Day 319 – Full of happiness.  In earlier pictures I took, the husband looked so proud to be walking with his magnificent bride, the crowd surrounding, trying to capture this beautiful moment of union and commitment.  But this picture shows how excited she is on this new adventure.

Day 320 2GADO Project 365

Day 320 – Two Rapunzels!?!  Dina’s Thane was just too tickled.

Day 321 2GADO Project 365

Day 321 – “Wait, so we’re not coming back to Disneyland tomorrow?”

We are nothing alike, but it works completely!

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